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KCA Counselor of the Year 2024 

Deadline to nominate for Counselor of the Year: January 26, 2024

KCA Counselor of The Year Winners!

Thank you for all your service to the Kansas Counseling Association, the counseling profession, and your communities. 

1970 - Margaret Epps, Topeka1984 - Rick Gibson, Wichita 2006 - Diane Guthrie, Andover
 Lawrence Anderson, Wichita1985 - Patricia M. Tassi, Arma 2007 - Ruth Hitchcock, Wichita
 Emerald Dechant, Hays1986 - James Stansbury, Hays 2008 - Jeri Miller, Topeka
 Gene Kasper, Manhattan1987 - Paul Chaffin, Goodland 2009 - Ken Hughey, Manhattan
 1971 - Corein Bare, Wichita1988 - Gary Green, Kansas City 2010 - Deb Woodard, Kansas City
 Olive Garfield, Leavenworth 1989 - Kathy L. Spicer, Hays 2011 - Kristin Wright, Clay Center
 Mildred McCollum, Leavenworth 1990 - Tonia Hunter, Ingalls 2012 - Val Beikmann, Minneapolis
 Robert D. Michal, Lawrence 1991 - Thomas Henley, Topeka2013 - Carrie Agosto, Independence
 Harry L. (Bus) Stromgren, Abilene1992 - Juli Elson, Burlington
 2014 - Sylvia Schmidt, Wichita
 Florence Stephens, Arkansas City1993 - Barbara Buck, Hanover 2015 - Ann Miller, Emporia
 1972 - Ruth McLean, Kansas City1994 - Frank Elliott, Osawatomie 2016 - Judy Hughey, Manhattan
 1973 - Larry Bays, Onaga1995 - Paulette Brunskill, Girard 2017 - Kris Burkholder, Marion
 1974 - Gene Bell, Turner 1996 - Randy Burwell, Iola 2018 - Jessica Lane, Manhattan
 1975 - Robert W. Hiebert, Abilene 1997 - Gary Price, Lawrence 2019 - Kenton Olliff, Hays
 1976 - Florence Leasure, Shawnee Mission1998 - Jim Rodman, Girard 2020 - Susan Bray, Wichita
 1977 - Cathy Conger, Gas City 1999 - Becky Brannock, Pittsburg 2021 -  Tim Hodges, Baldwin City
 1978 - Harvey Davidson, Hays 2000 - Fred Bradley, Manhattan 2022 - Andrew Secor, Olathe
 1979 - Patricia (Susie) Samuelson, Emporia2001 - Carol Dellinger, Great Bend 2023 - Robert Kircher
 1980 - Cora Woodfin, Arkansas City 2002 - Paula Henderson, DeSoto 
1981 - Katherine (Kem) McHugh, Topeka 2003 - Jeri Kimble, Herington 
1982 - Josephine Vandiver, Kansas City 2004 -  
1983 - Marjorie Simons, Hays 2005 - Nikki Currie, Salina 


Each region and division can nominate a counselor to participate in the KCA Counselor of the Year Award.  For each division/region, we highlight the award nominees at the KCA Conference.

Nominations for the 2024  Awards Program at the KCA Conference in Leawood, KS March 1st, 2024.

Eligibility for consideration:

  • A. The nominee must currently be employed as a full-time counselor, counselor educator, or in counseling-related service, and have completed three consecutive years in counseling, counselor education or counseling-related service at the time of nomination.
  • B. The nominee must hold a minimum of a master’s degree in counseling or a related degree and be certified and/or licensed by the state.
  • C. Nominee must be a current member of KCA.
  • D. Nominee must demonstrate outstanding leadership and/or performance during the current year or within the past three years.
Criteria for recognition:
  • A. The nominee should possess the personal qualities thought to be desirable in a counselor, counselor educator, or counseling-related professional.
  • B. The nominee must have been responsible for innovations in counseling, counselor education, or counseling-related program, for providing leadership in the further development of existing services, for demonstrating leadership in professional counseling associations, and for performing an outstanding service to the workplace or community.
  • C. The activities or accomplishments recognized must have taken place within three years prior to the date of nomination.
  • * One nomination is allowed per division and region. 

Kansas Counseling Association is a branch of the American Counseling Association.  KCA is a 501(c) 6.

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