Welcome to the Kansas Counseling Association!  

My name is Nicole Burdette and I am the President of KCA for the 2019-2020 board year.  The Kansas Counseling Association is a professional association that exists to promote the profession of counseling, develop professional counselors, and to advocate for the provision of counseling services across a wide range of practice settings.  The KCA is the only professional association in the State of Kansas dedicated to advancing the interests of all professional counselors.  

I would like to invite you personally to join KCA and invite you to attend the KACES PRE-Conference March 25th from 2- 5 pm on Ethics:  What is Professional Ethical Considerations for Gatekeeping Among Mental Health Professionals?  

KCA/KSCA Conference on March 26, and 27th 2020 in Manhattan, KS at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Thank you for your interest in our association and I hope to see you in the near future.


Nicole Burdette, KCA President

KCA Contact Information

Nicole Burdette, President

Andrew Secor, Past President

Nick Brummet, President Elect

Kim Urenda, Executive Director

Offering CEs for continuing education through various opportunities.

Check out of Events Page & upcoming conference March 2020




KCA (Kansas Counseling Association) is a branch of the American Counseling Association (ACA).  It is a non-profit professional association.  It serves its members to advance the field of counseling in the broad areas of career, education, and mental health.  KCA acts as an umbrella organization for six Regions within Kansas and nine Divisions for all areas of counseling within the state of Kansas. 

It is imperative more than ever that we work together to support the mental health of all Kansans.  To do this, we must work together and advocate for all the needs of our state.  

We need you - Join us today!

KCA  2019-2020 BOARD

 President Nicole Burdette
 Past President Andrew Secor
 President Elect Nick Brummet
 Executive Director Kim Urenda
 Treasurer Claire Allen
 Secretary Mistie Knox
 Advocacy and Legislation Bob Kircher & Andrew Secor
 Awards Kris Burkholder
 Bylaws Nadine Bailey
 Grad Student Andrea Stark & Tina Romero
 History and Traditions Rosanne Haberman
 Human Rights Jason Li
 Leadership Kristin Wright
 Media Bailey Burgess
 Membership Jody Fiorini
 Professional Preparation, Standards and Ethics Basil Kessler & Brittany Dennis
 Region and Division Support Val Beikmann
 Strategic Plan Nicole Burdette
 Professional Development Committee Susan Bray

Kansas Counseling Association is a branch of the American Counseling Association.  KCA is a 501(c) 6.

10116 W 86th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66212

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